Defining Strategic Direction

If the organisation is to grow and be successful, then it must define its strategic direction and develop strategic plans.

For organisations to achieve their short and long term objectives the people in the organisation must have ownership, commitment and accountability in achieving those objectives. In order for this to happen, the process of developing strategic plans must be designed to generate ownership by the whole organisation.

At mætrîx , we can design and facilitate the process for defining your strategic direction and developing strategic plans that develop ownership within the organisation.

Once ownership is established, then the implementation process needs to allow and generate commitment in achieving their short and long term objectives. The implementation process will also include accountability measures and rewards to assist in this process.
At mætrîx , we can advise on the design of the implementation process, and coach key people in its implementation and on going development. The key to success in this area is for us to help your organisation develop the skills necessary to be more self-sufficient.